I really didnt care if i lived or died

Last week when I was admitted into 2S psych ward, I really didn’t care if I lived or died. I felt terrible. The voices wouldn’t stop, I felt like cutting daily, I was sad and depressed.

I knew I would end up in the hopistal if things didn’t change.

They didn’t. SO I was admitted. I needed that break from life so I could regroup and feel better. Those 5 days really helped.

I got my vitals done 3 times a day so I knew I was healthy.

Since it was a stress free environment, I could relax and concentrate on things like reading and art.

Id say the first two days were the roughest. I heard sooo many voices and hallucinated a LOT.

But on the 3rd day I felt like my old happy self.

These past few days have been wonderful. I have not heard 1 mean voice and I don’t seem to be affected negatively by the dark.



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