A maid cleaned my room!

Today as a welcome home from the hopistal gift, Mom and Bob hired a maid to help me clean my apartment! Her name was Adrianna, she was SO nice. She worked SO hard and everything came out PERFECT!

First she washed the bathroom floor, did the toilet, sink and my shelves. She organized my soaps and face washes and such.

Then she and I organized my makeup room. We emptied 4 boxes we had left from moving here a year ago. Then we did my room. That was the hardest but it came out GREAT!

Last of all, we did my office. Its going to be used as a therapeutic room. My yoga mat and radio are in there along with my clothes.

I kept asking Adrianna if she wanted to take a break

She’s like “Me no lazy, no take break”

She was adorable, I had a lot of FUN! Thanks Mom and Bob!!


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