Counting and Depression

I counted a whole bunch last night while trying to sleep.
Well, I was crying again, and felt really depressed.
So I tried to distract myself WITH counting. Usually I do the opposite, like distract myself FROM the counting.

But this kind of worked out pretty well.

I had Full House on last night and I counted years between the girls, 5 years each. So if Michelle Is 5, Steph is 10 and that means DJ is 15.

I go over that over and over and over until it doesn’t make sense anymore!

And last night in bed while trying to sleep, I looked at the pictures on my wall. One of them was flipped around. I Stared at that picture for at least 40 minutes.

I wanted to get up and fix it, yet I wanted to prove I don’t have to do that.

So finally I just got up and fixed it, then finally, I could sleep.


One thought on “Counting and Depression

  1. Tracy says:

    So weird that we put our own minds to a test. I too have loked at something for a really long time trying to convince muself that i really dont need to fix it…..let it be. But I cant!!!!! I always cave and fix it or shut it off or put it on. Your not diffrent at all.

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