I just want to love myself.

I am not sure how I am feeling today. A little sad, kinda happy, good mood, lazy.

My Dad left the country for vacation. I miss him. Even though I don’t see him often, I like it better when he is in the state.

I really had to talk myself out of cutting last night. I had such an urge, but, I didn’t. And that makes me proud.

I am stronger then I thought I was.

I hate my body. I am fat and ugly. I need to lose weight, so I exercise. Problem is, I am always hungry. I try so hard to eat healthy, but sometimes I cheat.

I don’t know if my meds still make me hungry. My old ones did for SURE so that was no help.

I gained so much weight since I was 16 and first put on meds.

I hate looking in the mirror. It depresses me. I don’t like the reflection.

I just wish I could love myself, but I really cant.


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