Temptation to Crash

Well I certainly heard voices today, BUT. BUT, I did not listen to them!!

I was in the car with Bill off to get my hair trimmed. I heard those stupid mean voices tell me to take the steering wheel and crash. I was SO tempted to, it was like I was being forced.

So what did I do? I cranked up the music, held my cell phone in one hand and my belt in the other, because that’s what makes me feel safe. Then I watched the spirits in the sky because I was determined to NOT take the steering wheel!

The voices got louder then the awesomest thing happened. I heard a good voice saying “Your Grandma would be proud” I couldn’t help smiling, my Grandma is in heaven.

So I didn’t listen to the bad voices and I got distracted so I didn’t even obey them, and guess what, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be!


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