You are not alone

I know I talk about my experiences in psych wards, A LOT. I do that on purpose because I really want to reach out to those in the same situation, to let them know, “You are not alone.”

The first year I went to a psych ward, I was 16. I was just newly diagnosed with schziophirena. I felt alone like I couldn’t relate to anybody.

BUT in all those hopistal visits, I met a ton of really nice people, all with mental illness! I no longer felt alone.

Recently, I have been going back to old habits, feeling sorry for myself. I don’t try to, because I know there are SO many more people out there FAR worse off then me. But sometimes the feelings sneak into my mind.

I never really ever had to deal with depression. I got sad on occation, but I never felt like I had depression.

But these days, I feel just a little too sad for comfort. Its been a week of crying at night.

I might get a med change, but not sure I want to because almost always everytime I get a change, I end up back in the hopistal 😦


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