Feeling guilty

My moods are starting to concern me. I had a GREAT day, no stress, nothing bad happened. BUT> I feel sad. I just decided I am going to order the Sims 4 with the Amazon gift card I got for Christmas. I should be happy, but then I think back to how I gotta save the world. I should be spending my money on others that need it more then me. I feel guilty.

I feel like crying. Whenever I tell Mom how I am feeling, she makes me take a pill as a precaution so I wont go back to the hopistal.

I HATE taking pills! I mean if they help they are good, and they do help, but I just hate the thought of relying on pills to make me happy.

I really want that Sims game, like really bad. I did the research on it and it looks like a lot of fun.

I just wish I didn’t feel guilty 😦


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