It wasnt drugs.

In 10th grade I was in a daze most days. People mistaked me of being on drugs. It wasn’t drugs, it was the beginning of a long hard road ahead. I soon was started on medication when I admitted to my therapist that I was hearing voices daily.

I skipped classes and just walked the halls. I went to the nurse every day.

The best thing that could have happened, happened. I was taken out of that school and enrolled into a therapeutic school. They actually understood me there. Everyone had similar and different issues.

Soon after that, I went to Arbor Fuller Psych Ward for one week. It was the first psych ward I was ever in and the scariest. I just didn’t belong there.

But I was still in a daze. I hardly ever laughed. I was sad and alone. I had a lot of weight on my shoulders.

I soon was on stronger meds that seemed to help. I made friends at my new school and stopped skipping classes. But I was now dealing with panic attacks. Some were so bad, I was brought to the ER.

I still have anxiety but at least the panic attacks are now minimal.

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