Cereal is Handsome

Today was a stress free day. I woke up on my own, did my make up and brushed my teeth. Then I got dressed, got my $ and Bill picked me up. We went to lunch at Friendly’s, I got kids mac and cheese and a water. Then we went to Walmart, but it was too busy for me, so we left. We went to cash in the lottery tickets I won on Christmas, $11! YAY!

Then we went to Stern’s to get our monthly meat. And last of all Dollar General. I got 3 eye shadows for $1 each. I got some gum and a lipstick.

Overall my day was really nice. I did see spirits in the skies today, but they don’t hurt me, they actually make me calm.

I also saw Cereal on my wall, I haven’t seen him in weeks! Today he just sat on my wall. He was blue with pink stripes. He looked very handsome. I would date him if he were alive and not just a word.

But anyways, I fee good. I just took my 3:00 pills and no problems. Its a nice day.


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