Psychiatric Ward, visiting hours

I stared out the window watching the world do their own things. I was stuck in the hopistal psychiatric ward.

I was waiting for my Dad to come for visiting hours. I kept a look out to see if I could spot his car.

Soon someone buzzed to be let in, it was dad! I must have missed him!

I raced to greet him but stopped half way. I was grounded to the unit, I couldn’t walk the halls anymore since I had tried to escape.

I waited anxiously as Dad came down the hallway. I jumped up and down excitedly.

“Hi Doll” He greeted me. I gave him a big hug. We went to the dining room to play UNO while we visited each other.

I was hearing voices all day that day, but they seemed to quiet down when I saw dad, it was a good distraction.

After an hour, visiting time was up, but I didn’t want Dad to leave. I started to cry which made Dad tear up.

I watched out the window below as he made his way to the car. I pressed my hands against the glass trying to see if I could break through. Of course I couldn’t though.


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