Throwing up after meals

When I was in Westwood Lodge Psych ward, I was dealing mostly with throwing up after meals. The voices were not the main problem.

I used to get to outpatient therapy every morning at 8:00. I was usually the first one there, so I would make sure I threw up my breakfast before everyone else arrived.

One time a girl walked in on my puking into the trash can.

She asked what I was doing. I begged her to not tell. She did.

I wasn’t support to hear, but at lunch time that day, she told the staff in charge “Emmie is going to throw up her meal after I guarantee it”

So I made sure not to throw up after that meal so they would think she was lying.

But the next day, I was caught. By staff.

I was in the bathroom throwing up when there was a knock.

“One second”

“Emmie, open up, now”

I opened the door. There stood Lisa. The women in charge. She grabbed my arm and dragged me to the therapy room. She sat me down and told me to knock off the drama.

She didn’t understand. I wasn’t doing it for attention, not at all. I had some major issues I was working on, and she didn’t care to understand!



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