Feeling kinda depressed :(

I have been doing really well lately. But on the inside, I am a little lonely. I don’t have many friends my age. The ones I do have live far away. I have friends that are a lot older then me, Bill, Diane, Terresa, and Tracy, but I cant do makeovers and have sleepovers with them.

I wish I had more friends. I have about 4 currently: CC, Krystal, Ashley and Pokie.

Today I feel depressed. I am not in the Christmas spirit at all. I have BIG BIG fears that one of my loved ones is going to die soon. Its just a bad feeling, and I hope it don’t come true.

I sorta feel like crying. I want to curl up in a ball under my blankets and cry.

Its just one of those days, My Mom calls it a bad med day. When nothing goes right and everything goes wrong.

I also had a temptation to cut today. But I didn’t, don’t worry.

I have been watching YouTube videos all day hoping it will cheer me up, but its just not working.

So right now I am gonna go distract myself with something. I will blog again later to let you know how I am doing xoxox

2 thoughts on “Feeling kinda depressed :(

  1. Diane says:

    Hi Emily….So sorry to hear you are having an off day today. We all have them…..Tomorrow will be much better! I am so glad you are not giving into your temptation….you are doing a wonderful job with that. Maybe some day soon …you and Bill can meet me for lunch somewhere. I have not this Thursday and Friday….but next week Thursday and Friday off. Talk with Bill and see what he thinks ….ok. Keep smiling my friend! See you soon …..

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