No strings allowed in Psych wards

I told you guys when I hear White Houses by Vanessa Carlton, I think back to the day I first went to a psych ward.

I listened to it on the way there. I had no clue where I was going. I was actually kind of excited because I thought I was going to a hopistal where I lay in bed, watch TV and eat Jello.

No. It was a psych ward, first of many.

I was wearing a sweater with strings hanging from the hood, it was new. They had to cut the strings off so I wouldn’t strangle myself. I wouldn’t anyways, but it was a precaution.

I met Alice at Arbor Fuller. She has bi polar. We both had eating disorders. We connected instantly.

After a few days in a TINY room by myself, Alice and I were roommates.

We would throw up after meals and hide it in styrophone cups.

The next time I went to a psych ward was not planned. It was an emergency. I was cutting a lot and hearing too many voices.

I tried to poison myself there because I hated my life.

Glad I didn’t. I feel so blessed to be alive!


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