Talking to the voices in my head

Last night I lay in bed talking to the good voices, Michelle. I told her how I don’t want to die. She said “Emmie, you are a healthy, strong young lady, there is no reason why you would randomly die”

Hearing it from her makes me feel a bit better.

Michelle entertained me while I tried to sleep. She and I went over my day, the positive parts and the negative parts. There were more positive then negative.

I wish Michelle wasn’t just a voice in my head sometimes. I wish I could see her and she could be considered a friend.

I cant call her a friend when she is only a voice, that would be crazy. and I am NOT crazy.

Michelle is definatly my favorite voice. She always makes me feel good about myself.

I love when I can go days with out hearing a bad voice, or even a neutral voice. Those days I go with out, are my favorite.


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