I had a smoothie for breakfast today. SO refreshing! I woke up at 6:00 to take my pills and went back to bed till 8:30.

Today I have therapy with MA. I made a list what I want to talk about. I love seeing MA, I see her twice a month. The sessions are just too short!

After therapy today, I am on a mission to get an advent calendar to count down to Christmas! Then we are going to McDonalds (sdlanoDcM) to get a chicken salad, my new fav thing.

Then we will listen to music and run little errands.

I feel really good today, well rested. I had a headache, but I took two tylonal and now I feel better!

I had bad dreams last night, but at least I didn’t count.

I keep hearing a bad voice saying I am worthless. It really hurts my feelings. I try to ignore him, but its hard!


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