I want to not be scared anymore…

So today something changed for me. You know how I was scared that when I count something and don’t make it to 23 and I lose a year of my life? Well I don’t believe that anymore, know why? because I went down to age 25, and I am 27! So now I know that I cant lose a year or gain a year to live.

I went to therapy today. I told MA how the mean voices have been telling me I am worthless. It really disturbs me! It makes me feel really bad about myself.

So MA wants me to stand up to them. (easier said then done) I am scared because I don’t want to be cursed. Like go blind or get a migraine.

We are working on it though.

We also continued to talk about how I am scared to think of stuff because I don’t want it to come true.

I have been having a hard time with worrying about every little thing. I scared of accidents, I am scared of fires, I am scared my parents will die, I am scared I will die, I am scared of everything and I am not living my life to the fullest.

MA must work more on that with me. I want to not be scared anymore.


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