Thoughts turn into actions

I always worry if I think thoughts, will they come true. MA told me no. She and I did a test. She said for me to think that there’s a pizza on the table. So I did, and no pizza appeared. She made her point.

So I am trying not to worry about thinking bad thoughts and them coming true. Instead, I am going to work on making good thoughts come true. That’s possible!

I could think of painting my nails rainbow colors, then I could actually do it! My thoughts turn into actions.

I would much rather have pleasant thoughts all day instead of the bad ones I am having currently.

So today I wrapped some Christmas presents for Mom and Bob. I have lots more to wrap, but its a start!

Today I went to WalMart and picked up some cute outfits for my friend Terresa’s daughters unborn son. It was fun!

I feel really good today! I just took a bath and I feel super clean!

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