Christmas in a psych ward

I was in Westwood Lodge for a week. Longest week of my life. I have been to many psych wards, but that one was the worse. It was the 2nd one I went to.

It was terrible because it was a week before Christmas. I should have been home getting ready for the Holidays with my family.

They had like no heat in that ward. I was in a single room with NO heat what so ever. I wore my jammies, a sweatshirt, jacket and 3 blankets to bed. I felt like I was being punished.

They had school on the property so we could keep up with our studies. I was so out of it, I didn’t learn anything.

At the time, I was struggling with more then just the voices. I was struggling with throwing up after meals and I was terrified of germs. I couldn’t call my Mom and Dad on the phone because I was scared the germs on the phone would go into my ears and make me deaf.

I am so happy I got out 3 days before Christmas that year. That would have sucked if I was locked up for Christmas eve/day



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