Im doing fine!

Some days I fear going back to the psych ward. When I am hearing voices non stop, counting everything and feeling nervous/paranoid about every little thing.

I think I am doing fine with just out patient therapy. They cant do anything in the psych ward that I cant do at home. All I do there is get my vitals and they watch me to change my meds.

My Mom can do the same thing. If there is ever an issue or whatever, Mom always calls my psychiatrist right away. Dr. R says if she gets a call from my Mom, she will respond ASAP.

If I were to see the future, id say its pretty bright. I don’t see myself ever in a psych ward again. My meds may not be perfect for me, but we are constantly working on it.

Some days are hard, but its hard for everyone sooner or later. I am no different in that aspect.

If I just take my meds when I am suppose to, continue to see my psychiatrist and therapist monthly, I think things will be fine!


2 thoughts on “Im doing fine!

  1. Diane says:

    Hi Emily….So sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. I have been reading you blogs daily ….but have been working so much lately. . My hours at work are so different day by day it is taking me sometime to adjust to working full time. Reading this post….makes me think you now know you are just like everyone else. We all have hard days …..some more than others ….but we get get through them…because you and I and others are strong…determine…..and have the strength and courage to get through anything and everything life has to challenge us with. Always remember you have family and friends who love you for who you are……That my friend…I think is the the greatest gift you can have!

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